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302.20 // Body found in the streets of Alzoc’s Capital City.

There has been yet another disturbance within the heart of the Alzoc III Capital, when at approximately 1500-GST, the corpse of a Human Male came crashing through the west booth of the Drunken Droid – One of the more prominent Cantinas in the City.

Alzoc Security were alerted immediately and have since barricaded the booth for further investigation.
One of our reporters was able to capture an image of the victim before being quickly removed by security.


The body is yet to be identified by authorities and what caused the initial fall is unclear.
Several eye-witnesses claimed to have seen a blaster hole emblazoned on the left side of the victim’s head, though no official response has been made to this claim.

One patron has described the event as “worryingly commonplace”.┬áThis is in reference to an earlier incident back in 295.ABY when a Gran fell from the Landing tower through the east booth of the same Cantina.

Alzoc Security have promised an official statement in the coming days to announce the results of their investigations. More on this, still to come…