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302.18 // Alliance And Mandalorian Talks?

It has been long questioned, regarding the rumours, that an on going discussion between the Alliance and Mandalorian Forces have even taken place or started since the cease fire, which brought to an end the devastating conflict suffered in the recent War.

Today we have received confirmation, from the new look Senate, that discussions have taken place and are on going but details are unclear and no official ‘treaty’ or agreement has been reached at this time. However, we have been told that reassurances can be given, that while in the beginning the talks were uneasy, cooperation is present on both sides as the Alliance look to secure a peaceful continuation of the cease fire with the Mandalorians, who seemed to have “walked away” after a bloodied battle with the Jedi Order, with large casualties suffered on both sides.

Experts suggest that a hostile reaction from the Mandalorians could be likely should these delicate talks break down, with no information available on the new Mandalore who came to power during the final battle with the Jedi Order, any regards to their current agenda is purely speculation at this point.

No more information has been offered as of yet, but should we receive more about these talks, you can rest assured you will read them here first.