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302.28 // Terms Agreed In ‘Non Aggression Pact’ Between The GA And Mandalorians.

Breaking News of progress being made in the talks between the Galactic Alliance and the Mandalorian Forces over a possible ‘Non Aggression Pact’ which would see a more certain continuation of the cease fire agreed upon by the two sides.

Newly appointed Deputy Chief Of State Asujin Tirahimo, granted during the changes made within the Senate recently, in her first official role was present at these talks in hope that an agreement can be met. So far we can confirm that the Mandalorians are agreeing to the following terms;

Reduction in the numbers of specific classes and size of ships currently being produced within Mandalorian space.

Release of all prisoners of war currently being held by Mandalorian forces.

Released control of all seized planetary systems during the War, as well as all military personnel pulled back into Mandalorian space.

In return, the Galactic Alliance has agreed to ease border controls around the Mandalorian territories to allow economics in all capacities to resume. Though it is said that monitoring will continue for the time being but with lesser restrictions for arrival and departures.

With this agreeable to both sides, it is confirmed that the pact will be signed tomorrow to allow for final reviews to happen.