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303.04 // Breaking News: The New Galactic Republic is Born!

Breaking News from the Senate, we cross over live where a public address is about to be made by Chief Of State Malucia, in relation to the talks which have been on going for some time now.

This, live, from the Senate:

Today marks a truly historical moment and change, not only for the hard working representatives of the Senate, but for all the hard working people of the systems which they represent. The very people who shared a tremendously different period throughout the war but who now share a new journey to rebuild what is left of our worlds, our culture, our people and our homes.

It has been an honor and privilege to enter into discussions with the representatives of the Commonwealth, forming and detailing a plan for stability and regrowth. In which an agreement has been set, where the systems of the Commonwealth will rejoin the Senate and together, with the Galactic Alliance, we will enter into a new era. A new era that we will all work diligently to maintain and uphold, for the people that we serve, for those that depend on a strong Senate for stability and truth.

This era, will be led by, the New Galactic Republic.

– Chief Of State Malucia.