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302.22 // Ascendancy and Galactic Alliance Agree Treaty Terms

Breaking news this evening as confirmation has just come through that the treaty between the Coalition and ruling houses of the Chiss Ascendancy has been agreed upon and signed by both sides.

Hailed as the ‘Treaty of Mygeeto’, the site of the Ascendancy’s first major drive into Commonwealth territory, the treaty was signed by the Ascendancy representatives present at the summit as well as members of the Alliance Senate as well as Admiral Wilkinson who led the Alliance war effort as part-time Chief of State after the assassination of Caden Aquitenne. Representatives of the Jedi Order were also stated as being present at the summit.

We can confirm that amongst a number of stipulations, the return of all previously seized territories over the course of the war as well as the release of all detained prisoners of war on both sides have been agreed upon. However, former Commander of the Ascendancy forces, Tesar’etto’nuruodo was found guilty of war crimes and atrocities against civilians and will now spend his life in prison at an undisclosed facility. The Chiss delegation also made it clear that he has been exiled from the Ascendancy.