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302.10 // Chief Of State Visits Naboo!

Rumours have been proven correct today, as announcements were made that newly elected Chief of State Malucia, along side Senator Asujin Tirahimo, made a visit to the Capital of Naboo to meet with some of the representatives of the Former Commonwealth Government, that surrendered under heavy pressure from the Ascendancy invasion. Suggestions are being made that the talks were to keep or improve relations between that of the Galactic Alliance and the Commonwealth systems which formed out of necessity during the War. However, whispers are being heard that Malucia has revealed plans to the Commonwealth representatives regarding a possible reintroduction to the Galactic Alliance in a bid to work with, and aid them, in bringing stability to the planetary systems that suffered from the War.

This could be viewed as a brave but clever move by the newly elected leader or one born out of arrogance which could now see the past fragile relationship flare up again effectively ruining the chances of rekindling any sort of relations with the former commonwealth government.

We will keep you posted as the talks continue.