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301.20 // Chief Of State Elected?


You join us live in Coruscant for the latest on the election of a new Chief Of State… where we can now confirm that, yes, Ithorian Senator, Malucia of Borao, has won the election by majority vote and she is now elected into Office as the new Chief Of State.

In what seemed like a surge of activity and attention in the Senate has now turned into actual confirmation as we finally have a new, officially elected, Chief Of State to take over from Admiral Wilkinson.


We now go over live as she addresses the public, waiting to catch a glimpse of the new Chief Of State;

“It is without saying the greatest honor to take this position and I am greatful that even though we face a long, slow and hard struggle to not only rebuild our economy and military, but ourselves morally. The desire to do right by our people is as strong as ever and everyone I have discussed the strategy for rebuilding with has shared, showed me that from this day, a change is coming.

This change will come from ourselves, it will see us recover and grow after our dealings with adversary but in a positive, transcending light.

I would like to thank everyone for this opportunity.”