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301.10 // Latest From The Senate…

Breaking news from the Senate, we are hearing that substantial progress is being made in the election of a new Chief Of State after what has surely been one of the longest periods of time in which the position has been vacant. Ithorian Senator, Malucia from Borao, has been tipped to secure the position as Chief Of State after impressing with her ideas on how best to deal with the current galactic affairs as well as her mandates in stabilising the economy.

However, initial concerns were raised about her lack of military knowledge in relation to the much depleted Alliance forces since the invasion of Ascendancy space. The Ithorian senator was quick to address these concerns however, by securing both Admiral Wilkinson and Senator Asujin Tirahimo of Atrisia, as military advisors in a new look office who would oversee the rebuilding and growth of the Alliance Forces. This move came under sever scrutiny from a group of Senators who were not confident that the partnership would last, but since Senator Tirahimo took to the stage to explain what was actually discussed with the Senator Malucia, some of those voices were silenced. In a simplistic form, the two senators depicted a growth in both jobs, spending in both the public and business sector and military budget increases that would not hinder the current economic climate but admitted that it would be a slow process.

With more and more confidence being placed in these ideals, some of which are said to just be pressure to settle the matter of the Chief Of State election, an official announcement may not be a long way off.

We will be waiting to deliver the latest news from Coruscant, as soon as we have more.