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298.24 // Supply Convoy for Tatooine Attacked

The hastily dispatched Senatorial Supply Convoy aiming to assist residents of Tatooine by delivering much needed supplies was interdicted and attacked by unidentified ships on the Corellian Run between Druckenwell and their destination.

According to official reports, the unidentified fleet was able to take the largely undefended convoy by surprise through use of an Interdiction field- a military grade technology used to produce artificial gravity wells in order to prevent the use of Hyperspace or draw ships from Hyperspace into real-space. Before being boarded the freighter convoy managed to report the attack and the hull number of a single assailant, but the nearest Alliance security force was located in orbit around Corellia and arrived only in time to be greeted by a debris field.

The freighter convoy is assumed to be lost with all hands. Scanning the remains of the ships comfirmed that the attackers had looted the weapons and ammunition that was meant for Tatooine’s defense.

An Alliance spokesman had this to say on release of the news regarding the attack;

“The incident is a tragic, painful, and brutal reminder of the dangers that Outer Rim space hold for the honest efforts of the Alliance, private business, and the average citizen space-farer. Currently it is our belief that mercenary corsairs are behind the attack. Perhaps mistakes were made in hastily extending a hand of assistance to a dangerous region of space, but the extension of that hand is by no means a mistake and we will make certain of the success of our mission. These opportunists, that show little regard for life and peace, will answer for their crimes against the Alliance and the citizens of Tatooine.”

A crime against the citizens of Tatooine indeed, as the desperate defense force now has to wait even longer for much needed relief. The Galactic Alliance Navy pledges support to any further supply convoys bound for Tatooine in order to ensure that the next group these pirates web may be more than they bargain for. Recent events leave us wondering whether the future of Tatooine belongs not to us, but to its mysterious and marauding natives.

On a related note, Alliance officials have recommended civilian space traffic set courses to steer clear of the Corellian run between Druckenwell and Ryloth for the time being. Naval patrols and officials are on the lookout for an unnamed ship with the following Hull Number: HCC-334.

Planetary governments of Ryloth, Melida/Daan, and Alzoc III are advised to maintain a watchful eye as their planets have become a favorite entry point for stolen goods into the black market.