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297.31 // Border Incident

A disruption in the until-now relative quiet from Mandalorian space today as a transport cruiser was shot down today outside the quarantine zone. The ship was reportedly traveling within six parsecs of their territorial space, infringing on the ten parsec buffer established around their systems by Alliance forces during the cease-fire. Officials have only stated that due to the private transport’s violation of this buffer zone, they cannot seek retaliation, or view this as an act of war on the Mandalorian’s part.

┬áThe Corusca Folly, a privately registered Corellian Rt-6800 transport vessle, had a crew compliment of three and was reported to be carrying seven passengers. No survivors were found, and scans of escape pods revealed nothing more than the ship’s manifest.
For the sake of our younger audience, and in accordance with HoloNet regulation 17-R260, we will spare the graphic imagry for you. The images we have recieved are violent however, and we can assure you that this attack was as brutal as it was thorough. A full list of the passengers and crew was released to us just hours ago.
T. Siduro, Captain
R. Xux, First Mate
D. Vossul, Crewman
R. Antillon
A. Dentik
U. Mosanlik
G. Pusov
S. Kilvan
I. Tra’laro
S. Zal