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297.15 // Shipwright Unions Begin Lawsuit

A group of Corellian shipwright unions have succeeded in obtaining a court date for legal proceedings against the executive board of the Selonian Shipyards, after many cycles of intense negotiation and industrial action. The lawsuit, dated for early next year and supported by high-profile law firm Ghorm, Rilt & Zarkon, aims to force the Shipyards to abandon their long-gestating layoffs scheme which would endanger the livelihoods of up to 1,000 employees.

In a statement to the press, F’lksith, Secretary of Employment for the Selonian Shipyards, said;

“…we have worked long and hard to find common ground with the unions, even to the extent of proposing an entirely new business plan for the next fiscal year. Unfortunately, that effort has been for naught. This latest development is little more than bullying by the unions, who care little for the tens of thousands of our employees who will suffer even more should their demands be met.”

A statement from the unions has yet to be made. It remains uncertain how this drawn-out dispute will unfold, but the impact on trade within the sector is already being felt. The price of replacement components, particularly those manufactured by the Selonian Shipyards, has risen by an average of 6% due to the drop in production as a result of industrial action, and the number of new contracts being signed by the Shipyards has also been affected.

With neither side willing to budge, it appears likely that external intervention may be required before this situation can be resolved. As always, GHN will have the latest updates as they happen.


T.R. Bankiss // GHN