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298.09 // Caamas Investigated

On 296.23 we reported on the disaster that occured on Caamas. Planetary spokesperson Utor Jjji has issued the following statement:

“Our investigation has lead us to believe that this was a horrific accident. Regardless, the grounds at the epicenter of the destruction have been illegally occupied underground, and we shall seek retribution for the crimes committed against our planet. More information will be made available when uncovered.”

This has confirmed the suspicions of man-made disaster that have been spreading in the region.

Independent experts have clued that the mass destruction may have intruded on a years-old taboo on hypertech research for other means than space travel. No specific ideas were put on the table, but worries have been expressed, and it is obvious that the scientific community has been put on edge.

A spokesperson from the Bothawui planetary government released the following statement on the quickly assembled emergency fleet that has since arrived in the Cirius system:

“Caamas first great disaster, in 19 BBY, was in no small way the result of Bothan activity at the time. The suspicions of this were confirmed years after the infamous Galactic Civil War. Since then, the Caamasi and Bothan people have had a strenuous relationship at best. We hope that the aid we have made available will help strengthen our cultures relationship.”

Will Caamas seek Senate involvement? Will the Military seek to interfere? What failed mastermind is behind this disaster of the decennium? Stay tuned as we update you around the galactic clock.

Ular Tenn // GHN