JEDI HoloNet

295.14 // In Memoriam

It is with great sobriety and humble repose that we announce the passing of Jedi Master Mardus Jeul.

Mardus-Tol Jeul, better known as ‘Master Mardie’ among his close friends and associates, has spent the last seventy-six years of his life residing at and re-building the Arkanian Enclave. He became one with the Force on 295.13 in his personal chambers, as witnessed by his students and peers.

Master Jeul was born on 191.02 at Iziz city on Onderon to the captain of the Paladins and his wife. He was adopted into our Order at the age of three when he demonstrated to be remarkably adept at sensing the Force in various beings. This often led to him being accused of cheating in childhood games of hide-and-go-seek with his Padawan clan. At the age of eight he was taken by Jedi Master Nagu Ponst, and after a tumultuous thirteen-year apprentiship, was granted the title of Jedi Knight just one hour before his twenty-first birthday.

 As a Jedi Knight, Mardus-Tol Jeul was an avid and constantly engaged mediator; often working with the likes of respected diplomats such as Senator Tinlu, Jedi Master Vos Desu, and General Lon Stazi. After seven years of active work in the field, he announced his intent to re-build the walls of the Arkanian Praxeum. After only three years of labor, assisted by his then-Padawan Kara Yelay, he managed to rebuild the humble Enclave into a place of meditation and study that would go on to establish itself as a central hub of Jedi research in the fields of medicine and the healing arts. He would later go on to study and investigate the relation between these two, assisting the likes of Jedi Knight Coren Ran in establishing many of the practices now in use today by the Circle of Healers.

Though his knowledge of the healing arts easily out-paced his skills at their use, Knight Jeul’s communication skills were un-paralleled among his peers, making him the fitting choice to spearhead the High Council’s reforming of the Jedi MediCorps. In 245 ABY, after what he would later call a ‘brief, but entertaining decade’ in that position, he was bestowed with the title of Jedi Master; both in recognition for his service to the the Order, and to the greater goodness, health, and well-being of the galaxy.

Master Jeol was characterized by his incredible capacity for kindness, as well as his pervasively friendly demeanor; never failing to make any individual feel welcomed or wanted. By the end of the cycle, his lightsaber and holocron will arrive on Coruscant, and will be added to the Archives here. He is succeeded by Master Eolk Trenthz on the Jedi High Council who will also take over his duties as overseer of the Medicorps.

Jedi Knight Vrita’senv’ila, Jedi High Councillor