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295.17 // Terror Above Kuat!

Kuat Drive Yards is on the lookout for an Aqualish male after being the victim of sabotoge earlier this afternoon. Seventeen dock workers are listed as being in critical condition after an orbital construction frame was set on a collision course into one of Kuat’s orbital shipyards, compromising environmental integrity and causing several billion credits worth of damage to the incomplete ship and the shipyard’s support frames.

Thanks to expedient actions on behalf of support crews, the shipyard’s geosynchronous orbit was adjusted and brought back to stable conditions within the hour. Recovery and relief efforts were further expedited upon the arrival of Jedi Master Jared Quell, who proceeded to oversee evacuation of the injured construction teams. Master Quell, long-time friend of the family-owned and operated Drive Yards, was not available for interview, but did help officials confirm the ‘destructive intentions’ of the saboteur, ruling out the possibility of technical error on behalf of the company.

Security officials are now circulating the above composite sketch of the infiltrator, characterized by an over-sized right tusk and un-characteristicly calm demeanor. Any information leading to the arrest of this individual should be reported immediately to Galactic Alliance security.

Archus Clivi // GHN Team