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295.11 // Skye Systems Technician Killed In Speeder Accident

Representatives from Skye Systems claim that a Senior Technician of theirs died in a speeder accident at the capital. The speeder was seen traveling North through the East Sector late in the afternoon.

Security suggested that the facial recognition systems placed around the city for use in criminal justice were purposed with finding the doctor by staff records after he missed a mandatory department meeting. A representative with security suggests that the records were not conclusive and that their department has been unable to confirm the actual state of the Doctor at this time.

Skye Systems has been an important actor in many local projects on Alzoc 3 by pumping money into the economy in the form of using local sites for research and development. Galactic Alliance representatives suggested that the allegations of a rift between Skye Systems and Local Security were exaggerated and that relations only soured as a sense of competitiveness.

Rumors suggest that local interests have also necessitated the recruitment of the Jedi Order in establishing an understanding firsthand of the Doctor’s disappearance. Doctor Leen’s personal records and Holonet information have been removed from public access as of tonight and Skye assures that an autopsy will be completed and provided to confirm Leen’s death as a result of the incident.

Security Chief Ikto Lon was not available for comment.

Archus Clivi // GHN