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293.20 // Volunteers Needed

My friends and brethren,

The Temples on Ossus and Dantooine have been in a state of ruin the last several years, with most of their residents having been slain in the Mandalorian attack or forced to evacuate off-world. With news of the cease-fire, we have decided that the time has come to re-build our temple walls and continue our traditions of training and teaching.

These goals are not, however, something that we can attain on our own. We have many students without Masters, many of them with little understanding of what happened to their former teachers. Combine that with our limited resources and manpower, and what remains is not a very pretty picture.

We ask that any willing and able-bodied Jedi, Knight and Student alike, lend their hand in re-establishing our Enclave. Those who wish to sign on should contact their local Exploration Corps representative, or simply respond to this message. The Council will then inform those able volunteers who are permitted to aid in this effort.

May the Force be with us in this time of restoration.

Jedi Master Nagu Ponst,
Jedi High Councillor