JEDI HoloNet

294.16 // Academy Heist

We’re now going live to Corellia where Rin Jaicup is awaiting word regarding a stolen piece of Corellian history, Rin?


“Thank you Ular. As you can see, I’m standing here on the front steps of the Corellian Academy Of Arts, where not too long ago one of the most expansive and unique pieces of historical art ever created by a Corellian, has disappeared. The painting, known as “The Defense of Kolene” dates back a several thousand years, in which time it has seen several long and expensive restorations. We here at GHN don’t wish to guess the fate of this painting, but we do have it on a reliable source that this was no small operation. The painting itself spans almost two-hundred square feet, and has it’s own dedicated viewing gallery. It was created during-…what? Oh, we have an entourage from CorSec leaving the building now, we’re going to move in and try to get a statement!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, as it has been reported, “The Defense of Kolene” has been misplaced from the exposition block of the Academy. Now, details are unclear at this time, but I can tell you this much: the painting was moved out of the exposition the same way that it was brought into the academy: through the skylight. After examination we’ve concluded that it was recently dismantled and re-assembled. We presume that perpetrators used a stealth-equipped transport big enough for the painting. At this time, there is no more information we can readily share, good day.”

“Mister Kiorl..Mister Kiorl! …Well, you heard it Ular, CorSec will have their hands full ensuring that this historic piece is returned in good shape. I am Rin Jaicup, GHN, back to you Ular.”