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290.14 // Breaking News: The Galactic Alliance Reclaim Southern Territories!

Mock image of the sweeping action as it is said to have happened.

Breaking news from the Southern Space, reports have confirmed that in a bold yet fantastic move the Galactic Alliance under new Temporary Chief of State Wilkinson and the Galactic Alliance commanders have split the Ascendancy forces currently spread thin across the Southern territories by hitting three main objectives in a consecutive manner which saw the Ascendancys grip finally break and retreat back towards Bakura where we saw the treaty signed by the former Commonwealth government.

A mock image of the plan in play was drawn up and sent in by one of our correspondents currently in amongst the chaos reporting as the war unfolds. The action was slammed by some politicians claiming it was a huge risk which could have back fired and been detrimental to the war efforts, but this was quickly swept aside by Admiral Wilkinson who had this to say:

“The alliance’s mental strength and might have no limitations, what we asked of the men and women today was huge but we believed that if we could execute this place with precise and accurate actions we could effectively claim a huge step towards ending this war once and for all. For too long the alliance has sit reacting to the Ascendancy but now it is time for them to react and us to take action.

We still have a long way to go, but this is a step in the right direction.”

Public reaction to this news has said to have been extremely positive as the Alliance has now taken a strong stance covering most of the former Commonwealth space blocking the Ascendany in place, but with Admiral Wilkinson’s comments it looks we are still some what distanced from the end of this long and tiring war.

The movement of the alliance was detailed to have happened as they massed their fleet at an identified weak point in the border defence of the Ascendancy currently occupying the southern space, they broke through at speed and engaged the massive presence of Ascendancy forces orbiting Sluis Van, known for it’s impressive shipyard, and all but decimated the fleet there. Once they had reclaimed Sluis Van it was said that the Ascendancy fleet present above Eriadu was intercepted by a break off piece of the alliance fleet whilst it was in retreat towards the sector hosting Naboo. After the Alliance had reclaimed these important planetary systems it once again accumulated most of the might and pushed across the south towards Hoth and Bespin where it met little resistance as the surprised Asendancy forces pulled back towards Bakura. It is said that Admiral Wilkinson has ordered a halt to the advancement so that it could reevaluate the state of the Fleet and take hold of it’s newly acquired territory. Word has it the key points to the plan was that it had to follow a strict rule of timing and positioning, whilst battle plans took shape of unpredictable new formation as well as cunning tactics.