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290.19 // Breaking News: Galactic Alliance to Invade Ascendancy Space!

Galactic Alliance Fleet

Earlier today acting Chief of State Admiral Wilkinson announced in a surprise news conference, broadcasted from deep inside the Southern Space, of a decision which will lead the Galactic Alliance into the Ascendancy space in an attempt to pressure the Ascendancy forces into surrendering.

Sources are suggesting that after taking office, Admiral Wilkinson has been working closely with each department within the military and intelligence departments. Together they have been developing a plan of action in regards to the long and weary war against the Ascendancy forces occupying both Southern Space and the Northern regions, where spontaneous rebellions have seen the grip loosen on the planetary systems there.

After exploiting a weak point in the Ascendancy perimeter around the Southern Space, the Alliance managed to dispatch most of the fleets orbiting the planetary systems, shattering them into small groups and defeating them as they lay stunned from the surprise offensive. Reports suggest that this was down to tactical perfection from top military minds as well as solid intelligence said to contain exact coordinates of the enemy fleet. With this advantage landing at the Admiral’s feet, the Chief of State has taken the decision to advance the Galactic Fleet towards Ascendancy space.

“Against all odds, we the Alliance have managed to show the Ascendancy the true might and prowess of the men and women within the Military. Together we took back the Southern planetary system from the cold iron grip of the enemy. Many sacrifices were made, but many lives were also saved by this important and successful action. The enemy fleet has back pedalled towards its own territory after buckling under the pressure of the Galactic Alliance. After taking great consideration of what we have achieved and what this has cost us, I have also seen what we could, but have yet to, accomplish in our efforts to end this War.

It is with a heavy heart that I ask all the men and woman of the Military to give yet again, everything they have, as we march into the enemy territory.

To end this war once and for all.