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290.20 // Breaking News: Success Over Bakura!


Breaking news from the Galactic Alliance campaign!

Bakura has fall from the control of the Ascendancy as the Alliance reclaims another piece of territory in their attempts to push the Chiss Fleet back into it’s own space, inflicting even more casualties in this already blooded war.

Reports confirm that with the assistance of the Jedi Order, front line commanders along with the military forces of the alliance led an assault on multiple points over Bakura in a task which was set to isolate the present forces of the Ascendancy and over run them on all locations effectively reliqueshing it from their control. The Alliance has deemed the assistance of the Jedi Order as invaluable, claiming that without their help this victory may never have been possible and Temporary Chief of State Admiral Wilkinson had this to say;

“I would like to extend a personal thanks to the Jedi who fought on the front lines today, their bravery and valor will be remembered endlessly by everyone affected in the war as will all the lives of the brave men and women who died today fighting for the freedom from the tyranny of the stern cold ruling of the Ascendancy…”

As the celebrations erupt for tonight, they may short lived as the Alliance will now face a battle to hold this new additional territory to ensure that the Ascendancy doesn’t enter back into the Southern Space.