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288.23 // Siege on Serenno Lifted


Following a multi-cycle offensive, sources inside Coalition High Command have reported the Alliance fleet blockading Serenno has been destroyed. This is due in large part to the shrewd tactics of Ascendancy Admiral Bri’jien’nuruodo.


Bri’jien’nuruodo, who Chiss news sources are hailing as, “The Savior of the Ascendancy” has been making life difficult for Coalition Naval forces since his promotion to Admiral.


Even the Chiss, a race with a long and proud military tradition, have not seen a leader of this prowess since Grand Admiral Thrawn; and, Ascendancy officials have sought to capitalize on that fact to boost morale of its military and citizens. Already military and news sources have hailed him as the second coming of Thrawn, and have pushed him towards taking up the mantle in an effort to boost spirits in what has been a difficult season for the Ascendancy military.


Between the revolutions in the former Northern Commonwealth as well as the once strong Coalition counter assault, rumors of the Ascendancy’s weakening grasp on the outer rim were rampant. Now as the revolts quell, the Alliance fleet is being pushed back, and the face of the Ascendancy military has a new intimidating face, such rumors of Chiss weakness and beginning to be quieted.


Will Admiral Bri’jien’nuroudo really take up the mantle of Thrawn? Or is this just verbal intimidation and hype? And if it’s not, what will this mean for the rest of the Coalition worlds, as fringe planets fear Chiss invasion? Only time will tell.


Nik Carraway, Galactic Holonews