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288.21 // Massacre on Serenno

Sources inside Coalition High Command has confirmed locals in the small town of Spince on Serenno have been brutally murdered by Chiss forces.

Exact details are still unclear, but from what we could gather a group of local citizens, inspired by the recent uprisings against the Chiss conquerors, were able to obtain weapons and opened fire on a local garrison of troopers.

Upon chasing the dissidents into hiding, the troopers evacuated Spince and dropped several pods among the city. Those pods released an unidentified horde of beasts that tore the townspeople to shreds before hunting down the rebels. The brutality of this counterstrike has been referred to by those in government as the Spince Massacre.

Is this new type of chilling bio weapon a sign of things to come? How much further will the Chiss sink in their mad quest for power? And what terror will they unleash on the galaxy next? Only time will tell, but we here at GHN will keep you apprised of any and all updates as they happen.

Nik Carraway, GHN News