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287.04 // Vergine Murder Trial Date Set

A former leader of a notorious biker gang was today ordered to be held on trial on the morning of 286.31.

Toke “Sweet” Vergine faces attempted murder charges in the Sujimis Sector for shooting the former ‘Dark Tide Swoop Club’ president back in 283.

Vergine reportedly shot his rival, Marl “Casual” Flood, in the knee and stabbed him in the back on 283.30, on Orto Plutonia, because he wanted his job as president of the club back. Investigators later found Vergine late last year hiding in his mother’s house on Alzoc III it was reported.

Vergine was in court on Orto Plutonia after being extradited from Gloucester County, Alzoc III.

Vergine, a former Orto Plutonia Security officer was fired from his work in 257, after three years, for allegedly accepting bribes to protect an illegal gambling operation.

He adamantly denied the charges, which were later dropped to due lack of crucial evidence.

Rom Stolil, Reporting for GHN on Alzoc III