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287.06 // Coalition High Command to Recommission Rogue Squadron

“I’m with Rogue Squadron. Impossible is our stock in trade, and success is what we deliver.”
-Corran Horn

Courageous, masterful, unstoppable. These are only a few words used to describe the legendary fighting force known as Rogue Squadron.

Rogue Squadron was an elite Rebel Alliance starfighter squadron founded by Commander Arhul Narra, Luke Skywalker, and Wedge Antilles shortly after the Battle of Yavin from pilots who survived the assault on the first Death Star. Following their seemingly impossible victory at Yavin, Rogue Squadron played a key role during several engagements in the Galactic Civil War, serving as the primary defense squadron of the Alliance High Command.

Following the first death of Emperor Palpatine, the Rogues served the New Republic and Galactic Alliance in several critical campaigns, including the Liberation of Coruscant, the hunt for Ysanne Isard, the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Second Galactic Civil War.

Known for taking on missions that were seemingly impossible, throughout its time in existence its name struck fear into the hearts of their enemies, and inspired courage and bravery into the hearts of their allies.

But why does the past acts of the historic fighter squadron matter today?

Sources from inside Coalition High Command have announced that Rogue Squadron is being recommissioned, and will soon be called to active duty. “The Mandalorians are venerable foes who have caused a great amount of strife within the Coalition,” said Admiral Ellis Wilkinson of Coalition High Command. “It is high time we showed them the might of the Coalition! If we learned anything at the Battle of Mon Calamari it’s that the Mandalorians are tough, but they are not invincible. With Rogue Squadron returning to active duty in addition to several other acts of structural reformation and new commissions, we feel this will serve as the first punch of many that will knock out our Mandalorian foes and leave them down for the count!”

Since the Battle of Mon Calamari, the war has become an issue of increasing polarization. Whereas before 54% of the citizens supported the war, 32% were in support of a peace treaty with the Mandalorians and Chiss, and 14% had no opinion, now no one is able to ignore the monumental importance the war is playing in our daily lives. Be it fear, economic or political concerns our pollsters are reporting more passionate responses from citizens in the field. Numbers reporting in just yesterday show the public-at-large at 51% in support of war, 45% not in support, and only 4% with no opinion.

With the symbolic move of resurrecting a long gone symbol of hope in the form of Rogue Squadron, one can only guess how that will affect the morale of citizen and serviceman alike across the Alliance.

Reporting from Coruscant, Nik Carraway, GHN News.