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286.30 // Dac Defenses Crumble to the Mandalorian Onslaught

Breaking news from the war front. We have just received reports the planet Dac has finally fallen after years of sieges by the Mandalorian armada. GHN has received reports from military officials that Coalition forces were forced to surrender the world after  two sizable fleets from Dellalt and Munto Codru converged on the planet in the largest assault of the war.

A large number of Coalition forces on the planet were forced to surrender. Many more were killed trying to run the Mandalorian blockade in orbit of the planet.

However, a new shimmer of hope shines in the hearts of the Coalition. Though the beloved world has finally fallen, reports of Mandalorian casualties numbered in the tens of thousands. This is due to the brilliance of Jedi Commanders in combat, and the ingenious tactics of Admiral Siluriformes. Even the overwhelming numbers, firepower, and experience of the Mandalorian invasion force were not able to take the planet without heavy losses to both man and machine.

“Our planet is lost, and that is a tragedy,” Admiral Siluriformes said in a press conference earlier today. “But I believe that we can take heart even if the face of defeat. Based on the difficulty the Mandalorians had in taking our home, and vast amount of resources they poured into its conquest, and the substantial losses they took, this reveals that they are not invincible. On the contrary. They are very beatable. As long as we do not lose heart or sight of why we are fighting, I truly believe we can win this war yet!”

The Admiral, who survived the Battle of Mon Calamari despite being a high profile target, had his comments countered by a statement Mandalore released to the Alliance, in which he denounced the casualty numbers released by Coalition officials to be, “pointless propaganda.”

“The people of Mon Calamari may have been worthy adversaries, perhaps the finest warriors in the Alliance, but even they were no match for the iron fist of the Mandalorians! In the end, they took the cowards way and fled like everyone else. And then they have the gall to claim that we are beatable! That we have a weakness within us!

“We Mandalorians have no weakness! We are warriors to our core, and no force in the galaxy has the  power to stop us. Even the legendary Jedi tremble in fear at the sound of our names, and fall to the roars of our cannons. And so shall the rest of the Alliance fall, planet by planet, until the whole Coalition has been brought to their knees by our conquest!”

The Chief of State was not available for comment at this time, but an aide assured us he was “very busy determining the next course of action for the Alliance.”

We here at the Galactic Holonews News Desk will keep you apprised of any and all updates on the war front.

Nik Carraway, GHN News