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287.17 // Chief of State to Speak at Brentaal

With the all of Dac and the seemingly poor status of the Outer Rim sieges, approval for the War of Attrition is at an all time low. Numbers in some interplanetary polls had the approval numbers of the war falling to around 46%, making it the first time since the start that support for the war has been under 50%.

Chief of State Caden Aquitenne, whose approval ratings are at an all time low himself, has announced that he will be making a public address concerning the war effort at the end of the cycle on Brentaal. According to a spokesperson from his office, there he hopes to unite the hearts and minds of the people of the Alliance in support for their men and women at arms and remind them what we are fighting for.

As many of us have many loved ones whom we will never see again thanks to the war, the Chief of State will really have his work cut out for him. Will our hearts be moved and minds be swayed by the legendary oratory skills that put Aquitenne into office to begin with? Or will this move simply be another failure of his tenure in office? Only time will tell.

Reporting from Coruscant, Nik Carraway, Galactic Holo News.