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286.16 // Your Views: The War

Marlyn Wilsomer, 26, Coruscant, Says:

I think this war is only pushing our peoples further apart. If you ask me we should have surrendered alongside the Common Wealth. We’ve got enough to worry about after what happened on Bakura. Yes, the Chiss are dangerous but it’s too dangerous to keep fighting!

E. Nillis, 18, Brentaal, Says:

This war should have happened sooner. The Chiss were always creepy, and now they released that disease on Bakura. I say we synthesize it and release it on Csilla. The Ascendancy is a blight upon the galaxy, to be sure.

Hermon Graneur, 58, Anaxes, Says:

We need to stop the fighting and come to a compromise that will serve both of our nations. If we keep this up we will wipe each other out.

Eliana Halfstadt, 43, Corellia, Says:

This war has left me fearing for the lives of my children and husband. If we give up now we might have a chance to keep our lives.

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