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286.21 // SB 776 held up on the Senate floor.

As the war escalates, worlds on the front look to Senator Krackin (Mon Calamari) and his proposed spending bill to increase funding to border worlds on the front.

Unfortunately for worlds such as Mon Calamari, Kalee, and Cadornai, this bill has hit stiff resistance in the Galactic Senate. Senator Krackin had this to say:

β€œIt is unfortunate that some of my colleagues on Coruscant do not feel it is necessary to secure our borders. I am extremely disappointed in many of the representatives, such as Senator Corsh of Bonadan. His assertion that we ‘shouldn’t waste money defending worlds that are difficult to defend’ shows a lack of leadership and a lack of compassion for the galactic citizens he is sworn to protect.

It is my sincere hope that Senator Corsh truly is just fiscal conservative to the point of coldness, and the fact that his home world of Bonadan is a competitor of my home world in the industry of ship building has nothing to do with it. It would be a tragedy to see a Senator allow citizens of the Alliance suffer and die for the purpose of making a profit.”

Senator Corsh had this to say:

β€œI would expect my honorable colleague to be a bit more open-minded and far more in touch with the requirements of the Alliance as a whole. This is not about a single planet but the Alliance and indeed the Coalition as a whole. If my colleague would like to try and lower the issue to mud-slinging then that really says nothing of his own commitment and position regarding the crisis, does it?”

As the SB 776 looks like its on its way to certain defeat, border worlds can only hold their breath and hope that their days of freedom are not numbered.

From Coruscant, the Galactic Holonews.