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286.13 // Cure Discovered: Brings Hope to the Alliance

Amid the fear every heart in the Alliance has been stricken with since the devastating act of bio-terrorism on Bakure, a ray of hope has broken through the fog of doubt. The Galactic Alliance Medical Division (GAMA) has announced that it has developed a cure for the virus that has become to be colloquially refereed to as, “The Blue Death.”

“Our dedicated team of scientists have been working around the clock ever since the discovery of the virus to find the cure,” stated the head of the research team, Sevrina Valentine. “We have taken our first steps towards wiping out this horrendous plague once and for all!”

Despite the discovery of the formula for a cure, sources inside GAMA say that due to the complicated nature of its production, it may be some time before enough of it is available to become available to the mass public.

“For now, it is being reserved for our military personnel in the field,” says Coalition spokesperson Col. Jens Samlon. “We will also be keeping a supply to deploy to any world hit by the virus in a speedy fashion, but for now we just don’t have the resources to every world.”

Though a cure is now available, emergency services personnel are still receiving training galaxy wide on protocol for dealing with potential outbreaks. “I don’t care what the government claims, I’m still afraid for my life,” says Yasmyn Kurn, 23, from Coruscant.

Spokespeople from within the Ascendancy were quick in generating responses to GAMA’s boasting of a cure for the Blue Death. A statement was released from the Office of the Chiss Ascendancy’s Commander in Chief, Tesar’etto’nuruodo. “The discovery of a supposed cure means nothing! The Alliance has far too many world to protect, for too many lives to preserve. We have enough of the weapon to eliminate every last man, women, and child in the Alliance much faster than you can prepare yourselves to defend. Unless the Alliance goes the way of the Commonwealth and surrenders immediately your cities will not be safe. Your children will not be safe. * You * will not be safe. To Chief of State Aquitenne I beseech you for the last name. Surrender peacefully, or your leadership will come to an end through bloodshed.”

Chief of State Caden Aquitenne was not available for comment.

From Coruscant, this is GNN.