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286.23 // Mandalorians Prepare to Take Dac

For the past cycle, reports of Mandalorian activity have been few and far between.  However, GHN has learned that Coalition Intelligence have obtained details of a large Mandalorian fleet massing near Caluula.  Our sources believe this fleet is part of a push to take Munto Codru and Dellalt in order to isolate Dac, a critical world to the Coalition war effort and a constant thorn in the Mandalorian’s side since they began their invasion of Galactic Alliance space.

Dac, also commonly referred to as Mon Calamari after it’s more famous inhabitants, has been the subject of several high profile sieges during the course of the war.  Thanks to the tactical ingenuity and resolve of the Mon Calamari people and the Galactic Alliance, all attempts by the Mandalorians to conquer the world have resulted in failure.  However, the continued sieges have taken their toll on the planet’s resources.  The only trade-lane leading to Dac runs through the Pakuuni sector, a region infamous for its pirate activity which has only increased during wartime.  If the neighboring worlds of Munto Codru and Dellalt were to fall to the Mandalorians, all supplies and reinforcements would be effectively cut off.  GHN’s in-house analysts believe that if the Mandalorians are successful in this latest offensive, Dac’s defences will soon fall.

We will report any updates as they occur.

Ular Tenn // GHN