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285.29 // Confirmed Reports


Confirmed reports of an attack on Coruscant have finally been validated, that have left many neighbouring sectors shaken and fearful, have pointed to the continued war with the Asendancy and Mandalorian armies. It seems that since the Commonwealth surrendered to the treaty of Bakura, the Ascendancy seeked to put a further heavy dent in the Galactic Alliance moral. Claims of a possible operative of a non Chiss race was tasked with the attack which details suggest this was due to be a chemical explosion in the sector, something that most reporters are saying would have take the current casualties to a much higher count. Further more eye witness reports state that the Jedi Order could have been present in an attempt to thwart the attack which hit the sector, though it begs the question of where they received their intelligence and why did the Galactic Alliance fail to act sooner?

Chief of State Aquitenne refused to comment at this time.

Also in other news.

In an unprecedented move of confidence and daring, a pair of Mandalorian fleets launched a joint incursion into the heart of the Galactic Alliance, striking at the Core World of Brentaal IV.

Sitting on the meeting point of both the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Route, Brentaal serves as one of the Cores leading centers of commerce, managing the import of raw materials and consumables from the Outer Rim Territories. Striking down both hyperlanes, the Mandalorian fleets launched a strong and determined assault, causing significant damage to the Alliance fleet protecting the world and also the famous Sel Zonn station orbiting Brentaal IV. While the attacking fleets succeeded in causing considerable damage, Alliance Command can feel small relief in the withdrawal of both fleets once Alliance reinforcements from the Azure Sector entered the system. Despite the Mandalorian withdrawal, all garrisons on Anaxes were placed on full alert.

This most recent of Mandalorian offensives has sent a ripple of panic across a number of the Cores larger population centers, most notably Coruscant, Atrisia, Kuat and Abregado-Rae, with minor riots breaking out across the capital. Chief-of-state Aquitenne has apparently responded to these fears by ordering the increase of ship production at the fleet yards of both Kuat and Corellia, despite the near bankrupt state of the Alliance economy and increasing levels of starvation across the Core.

With the Mandalorians seemingly capable of striking so far into the heart of the Alliance, the number of voices calling for a truce is at an all-time high.

It is unknown if these two seperate attacks was in fact a joint effort but it seems the Ascendacy and the Mandalorian are looking to put even more pressure on the Galactic Alliance in a bid to end this war.