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284.22 // Commonwealth Surrenders!



BREAKING NEWS – Prime Minister Selene has announced the People’s Commonwealth will be surrendering to the Chiss Ascendency. This follows intense speculation over the Commonwealth’s military future in the wake of the continued occupation of the Northern Territories and the devastating biological attack on Bakura. Prime Minister Selene had this to say:

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce our intention to offer the Chiss Ascendency our surrender. As a people, we have always felt strongly about our independence. Many laid down their lives in the War of Secession to ensure the freedoms we have enjoyed for the past forty years; that sacrifice cannot be forgotten and will not be forgotten. But today, we face an enemy we cannot fight, an enemy whose efforts we cannot spurn. By surrendering today, we hope to prevent any more innocent lives being lost to the same hideous weapons that attacked Bakura. The Commonwealth may be defeated, but we will never lose our spirit. We sacrifice our independence so that our children and their children will never have to sacrifice their future.”

Despite the brave face that the Commonwealth’s Head of State has put on for the holocams, her words are falling on deaf ears. Our news teams on worlds not far from the front lines have attested to panic among the civilian populace, with the exodus to more heavily defended worlds increasing exponentially in the cycles since Bakura. Spaceports across the region are being besieged by citizens scared for their lives and travel operators are incapable of meeting the ever-increasing demand. Morale among Commonwealth troops is at an all-time low and this latest development is only expected to exacerbate the situation on the front lines.

Undeterred by the worsening situation, the Galactic Alliance shows no sign of following the Commonwealth’s lead. Chief of State Aquitenne has publicly denounced the attack on Bakura and refuted rumours that he will be stepping down from his position. In a press conference yesterday, he had this to say in response to our reporter’s questioning:

“Absolutely not. The Galactic Alliance will never bow down to coercion and terror tactics so long as I remain in charge. The attack on the people of Bakura was as insidious as it was cowardly and it has only strengthened my resolve to serve the Alliance as Chief of State. I will see this war to its rightful conclusion with the defeat of the Chiss Ascendency.”

Chief of State Aquitenne’s approval ratings have been perilously low these past months and it remains to be seen whether his continued resolve to remain in office will be enough to prevent a future vote of no confidence from the Senate. The loss of the Commonwealth effectively dissolves the Coalition and is a potentially disastrous blow to the war effort. The pressure on Chief of State Aquitenne has never been higher.

On the Chiss front in the Northern Territories, attacks on Coalition forces appear to have ceased. Efforts to regain lost ground continue, but have been unsuccessful so far. Meanwhile, in the east, Mandalorian sieges continue with an alarming frequency. Rumoured civil conflict within Mandalorian space appears to be having no effect on their war effort, and while attacks on Jedi strongholds have all but faded into obscurity with the elimination of Yavin, Ossus, Bastion and Dantooine, the campaign of revenge has not been forgotten by Mandalorian troops. Eyewitness reports suggest the Jedi Order’s representatives on the front lines are being specifically targeted by the Mandalorians, with heavy weapons being deployed to devastating effect.

Although no specific date has been announced, GHN expects a treaty between the Commonwealth and the Ascendancy to be negotiated soon. The Chiss maintain that they will not accept anything less than unconditional surrender from the Commonwealth; it remains to be seen whether Prime Minister Selene is in a position to force a compromise.

GHN pledges to bring you any updates as they happen. We report, you decide.

Ular Tenn // GHN