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284.26 // Mystery Man Outside Mystery Theatre

A routine showing of Flutres des Tyluun at the Monadurk Theatre in the Western Sector was downplayed by the appearance of a vigilante who disrupted a robbery at knifepoint not far from the entrance shortly after the production ended. A young Twi’lek couple was assaulted by a group of Humans working independently out of the South Sector.

Shoda Koo, a nineteen year old student at the Academy of Sciences says that after she and her boyfriend exited the theatre at around 1900 GST that a single man held them up at knifepoint, prompting the approach of two nearby men who were similarly armed, demanding their credits. “They mistook me for somebody else, I think,” Shoda said in reference to the fact that the men seemed to imply that it wasn’t the first time that they had met.

Her boyfriend, Mowara Len, says that the two were escorted into an alleyway where they believed they would be sold into slavery, despite their off-skin color, an irregularity that became more popular given the economic hardships falling on the Galaxy. With little choice, Mowara Len and Shoda Koo were led not far away from the theatre before an anonymous human intervened.

“He seemed to be a spacer or something, he was wearing flight gear,” Mowara said in a description. “He was average height but had darker skin, something you don’t see here on Alzoc III.” According to the two, the man gained the attention of the attackers and fought them all at once.

“I think he was stabbed,” Shoda said, “but by the time he had dealt with the three men, he took off before we could even thank him.” Mowara contacted local security forces shortly afterward who remarked that they had no potential identity of the man. Security footage from the local camera feeds indicates that the vigilante attended the same show as the couple and arrived with a young Twi’lek himself.

His motives and identity remain unknown. The possibility that he is an agent of Alliance Special Operations is being considered. Alzoc III Head of Security, Ikto Lón, refused to comment. The three men are being held at Security Station Delta West.

– Rom Stolil, Galactic HoloNews.

Rom Stolil is a Galactic HoloNews correspondant and Alzoc III reporter. Contact him via e-mail at RStolil.GHN.10109.