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284.18 // GHN – Breaking news

Reports coming in are suggesting a renewed Mandalorian offensive, this time in the form of an uncharacteristic raid on the world of Obroa-Skai.

As we all know, the planet of Obroa-Skai has long been famed for its apparent wealth of knowledge. As the rumours go, contained within vast data stores on the planet, is a complete history of our Galaxy as well as a collection of its greatest secrets. The apparent Mandalorian raid on the planet was reportedly aimed at these data stores in particular. While we are yet to ascertain the exact reasoning behind this most recent move by the Mandalorian forces, what we do know is that our Coalition Military Command is in an uproar.
Also in addition, it has been reported that this latest assault yielded surprisingly low civilian casualties, which again goes against what we have come to expect from the Mandalorians. All other testimony by supposed eye-witnesses has been deemed classified by Coalition High-Command.

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