JEDI HoloNet

283.08 // War Report

Galactic Coalition

The Galactic Coalition Military

Commonwealth Front (South) – Progress goes well in the expulsion of the Ascendancy in the remaining Commonwealth territories. The counter-offensive berthed at Rattatak has resulted in the destruction of several Chiss fleets and the reconquest of the Zaadja system thus far. Coalition officials project that if all continues well the Ascendancy will fail for a second time in attempting to subjugate the Southern Commonwealth.

Chiss Front (North) – The recent reacquisition of Generis by the Coalition proves that liberty may not be so far-flung for civilizations that have suffered under the oppression of the Ascendancy for several years to date. According to several reports, most of the native population on Generis is battered but not defeated, as the hope of freedom always seemed to shine through in the hearts of these brave patriots. The GCM pledges a total commitment to world liberation, heroically stating that cases like Generis are just the beginning of a brighter future.

Mandalorian Front (East) – Defenses in protection of Mon Calamari continue to hold despite an endless series of attacks launched by the Mandalorians. While this stalwart defiance is noted well by the Coalition, top generals assert that the defense of the critical system is “far from over”, furthermore stating the importance of the mission. Military analysts still unanimously claim Mon Calamari as the true bringer of fate, regardless of the current successes or failures of the Coalition and its enemies.