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283.16 // Illegal Swoop Racing on the Rise


Swoop Bike

In the context of this poor economy, galactic consumers have recently begun to invest their earnings (or handouts) in the newest trend of illegal swoop racing, placing uncertain bets on unknown thrill seekers in hopes of increasing their bullion by upwards of 300%. The result of riches comes at a price however, which include facing high odds of failure, a danger involved with frequent crashes, and of course the risk of getting booked by local authorities. Despite the odds, swoop racing of all kinds has been on the rise Galaxy-wide.

While popular in professional organizations and rogue operations along the Outer Rim, the popularity of swoop racing has risen amongst the amateur populations in the Core Worlds, with especially large frequencies lying unsurprisingly in the realms of Corellia and Coruscant. In many cases, teenage citizens as young as 15 have been documented as participating in the unsanctioned races, with some individuals even encountering some success. With an ever-increasing population of racers ready to skid above the streets for fame and possible fortune, gamblers have flocked to such sites ready to give all for the chance of fortune and the spectacle of astounding speed.

Authorities have said that while swoop racing is enjoyable and productive within the right hands and professional settings, the illegal practice of such races is extremely dangerous for all parties involved. While some racers may have proper training, others are far more inexperienced, which often results in multiple deaths due to the competitive atmosphere and high speeds involved. On the side of illegal gambling, the sometimes enormous odds of winning a bet, in addition to the possibility of not receiving house earnings at all, have caused poverty-stricken individuals to fall even further below the line. Nevertheless, there seems to be no stopping this trend as new racers and gamblers continue to tally by the minute.

From this journalist’s perspective, these illegal swoop operations are an understandable result of the poor handling of the economy by the current Chief of State and his administration. With no formal and civil areas of investment to look to, the have-nots will ultimately look for some means of amusement and a shot at more plentiful resources for their daily lives. Listen up, Chief, because we have a real problem on our hands.

283.16 – Carthago Delenda-Est // GHN