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282.26 // Lightsabers and Society


Typical Appearance of a Jedi Lightsaber

When average civilians are asked about the defining qualities of Jedi, most if not all make at least one mention in regard to their weapon. Commonly referred to as a “laser sword” or “lightsword” amongst the populace, the actual term for the object is lightsaber, a weapon that has been around for thousands and thousands of years. Though most would not know it, these weapons are exceptionally rare and extremely difficult to craft, adding to the mystique, as well as the monetary value, for these precious items.

According to surfacing reports, the great exposure that the Jedi Order has benefitted, or perhaps suffered from in recent times, has brought the demand for commercial entertainment for its brand to previously unseen levels– costumes depicting Jedi robes, films detailing their exploits, even the production of lightsaber-shaped snack foods have stocked the shelves of groceries Galaxy-wide. But even these items are not enough to satisfy the cravings of the upper class aficionados. The wealthy gentry has found a stronger taste for the more real and genuine, culminating in want of obtaining the greatest prize in the form of a Jedi’s prized lightsaber.

The methods of obtaining these sultry items have been nothing short imperceptibly difficult for many years. By first sense, one could attempt to steal the lightsaber from the Jedi, though most would place this task at the highest required effort and optimum likelihood to be incarcerated for their actions. Following, the obsessed connoisseur may try to buy the Jedi’s sidearm from them for an exorbitant amount of credits, though they would soon find that the Jedi most likely has no interest whatsoever in the field of monetary gain. Feeling disgruntled, the pomp man or woman may have in fact given up their dream if it were not for one detail– that the war has presented them with many new opportunities.

Before Bastion was invaded by the marauding Ascendancy, its Jedi inhabitants evacuated their enclave. Despite apparent efforts to lock their abandoned home, it did not take long for robbers to break into the premises where they found a large supply of Jedi items filled to the brim of storage rooms, with many of the items being lightsabers. Needless to say, many of these have been circulated, costing upwards of 500,000 credits for just the most basic of treasures. In addition to the cunning exploits of “finders keepers”, the death of Jedi on the battlefields of Coalition worlds have provided new avenues for possessing a lightsaber, whether by the secretive holdings of one of our bravest soldiers or by the tip-toes of a local child seeking some sort of wealth. For all the beauty that a lightsaber shines, the method by which they are dispersed amongst the populace is on the opposite spectrum of illumination and attraction.

Due to the low frequency of available lightsabers traded on the black market, authorities have barely acknowledged the problem, preferring to simply allow what is likely a brief annoyance to dissipate following these series of reports. However, the influx of Jediism in our culture is something to be studied and acknowledged as we look back on ourselves come the wake of the future. Have we invested more than we thought in our shining Jedi Knights than we thought possible? Are these men and women the true faces of the war, overshadowing our cunning militaries? Is it possible that we will as a people discard the Jedi once more like we have done so many times in the past? We pose, you decide.

282.26 – Cagin Tan // GHN