JEDI HoloNet

283.30 // Breaking News



A terrible devastation has been revealed at Bakura.

Following a recent invasion attempt by the Ascendancy against the Commonwealth world, Coalition forces found themselves surprised and bewildered, but soon fought back against enemy forces to regain a solid foothold. All signs pointed to an eventual success in driving away the Ascendancy yet again until word spread of a most unusual occurrence. Across the major cities and Coalition bases, tales of a widespread epidemic began to surface, as the affected began to display deep sores and lesions over their exposed skin, correlating with signs of vomiting and diarrhea.

Eventually, the observers and doctors working to identify the apparent disease began to contract it as well. After a period as short as a few days, millions of people civilian and military were infected, as the death tolls began to rise quickly into the hundreds, thousands, and millions. No members of the Ascendancy, Chiss or otherwise, were reported to have shown signs of contracting the disease.

Further details surrounding this mass death are unavailable, though it is heavily assumed that all Coalition forces on Bakura have surrendered with the sector effectively blocked off by defending fleets. With little doubt, it seems biological warfare has entered the arena, the potential effects of which need not be mentioned in this report. Galactic HoloNews will immediately report any developments as they arise.