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284.31 // Jedi Master Rash Loist

Jedi Master Rash Loist

With the awakening of the year 284 ABY the Jedi Order has honored Rash Loist with the title of Jedi Master in appreciation of a career that has spanned over three decades and four former students to the rank of Jedi Knight. Rash Loist began his training on the planet of Yavin IV, where he was instructed by Jedi Masters Raulos Aquilo and Gabe Alkorda.

Even as a small child, it was clear that he emulated the physique and discipline of his first mentor, championing the cause of mastery in the art of the Lightsaber. As an accomplished saberist, he found himself lending his skills to students and the galaxy as a whole, teaching countless youths and inspiring entire troops of soldiers as he became known to others as a high-ranking officer in the Alliance military.

The name Loist alone is well known among the Alzoc 3 branch of the Order and generations of students have looked up to Master Loist for training, guidance and security as Rash has proven himself a protector and guardian of the Order and all that it stands for. Few would have the audacity to question his wisdom and even less would be so brainless as to meet him in the field of battle.

Rash Loist is a quintessential Jedi and as such his distinction as a Jedi Master is a matter that should come as a surprise to nobody. The Order as a whole would like to congratulate Master Loist on his achievements and express that his ascension to Jedi Master is a great honor afforded to a legendary man who has served by example to all servants of the Force.

– The Jedi Council

[Special Thanks to Former Master Raulos Aquilo for the headline message!]