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282.05 // Senate Measure 8062297C Passes Amidst Strengthening Pressures


Chief of State Caden Aquitenne

As only one of several controversial measures that have been proposed in recent years, Measure 8062297C (which would allow the enlistment of 16 and 17 year old minors into the ranks of the Galactic Coalition Military) seemed destined to be the first of its kind to fail. With its dismal approval among most Opposition Senators, the bill was morbidly laughable for a time, as it was often scoffed in the midst of more important discussions. However, as time went on and worlds continued to fall, a sentiment of reconsideration began to pop in luminescence over the heads of many politicians.

Eventually the process snowballed, as vote by vote Chief Aquitenne began to see his vision grow closer to reality, as it at last formed into the decisive 60% vote of approval, much in thanks to the maneuvers of conservative-leaning Moderates. In some form of irony, or perhaps simple sadness, it took the failures of the Coalition in order to create victory for its own Commander in Chief. Indeed, the debate at last subsided with muddled grudges and stammering disbelief.

While the measure keeps the Coalition Military a strictly volunteer force, many question if the influx of young men and women will make a significant impact in the war effort at all. Some contend that for many species the age is too limiting in physical and especially mental preparation for the horrors of war, while many say that the use of specialized droids would be more effective. Others take another path, procuring the possibility that the fault lies with the poor leadership of executive officers from world to world, and that the highest among them should be replaced quickly by Chief Aquitenne in order to gain a fresher outlook of the continued struggles in the Outer Rim.

Despite the second-guesses and pensive wonderings of civilians and politicians alike around the Galaxy, the fact remains that our lives are quickly changing in this tumultuous existence, and we should thus be ever more ready to embrace the possibilities of the vast expansion around us shifting verily in an instant. For, even in the greatest of moments, the history of our ancestors has strayed in single instances, changing the plural outlooks of this great civilization forever. Stay strong, fellow sentients. Stay strong.

282.05 – Elharr Bitim // GHN