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282.10 // Galactic Economy Mirrors Its War as Stocks Nosedive

Corporate Markets

Corporate Stocks Plummet

Uncertainties in the galactic economy have peaked at the highest point in decades, as news regarding the Corporate Sector has steadfastly raised the fears of traders and corporations alike in regard to their monetary viability. According to statements gathered from Coalition High Command, the sector remains completely isolated from any exterior fleets, though the main reasoning behind the current downturn lies in the fact that all communication with Coalition forces have been lost, apparently within the timeframe of a cycle. Chief Aquitenne commented on the situation briefly while enjoying his vacation on Spira:

We are doing everything within our power to inspire confidence back into the economy by increasing government spending to relieve the businesses that make our nations great. I also wish to make it known that this is my top priority, despite the fact that this time was initially meant for rest and relaxation. I am still hard at work for my people.

Despite the significance of this current development, it is not the sole factor for the declining economy. The Coalition has been without the resources of Bastion, Muunilinst and Taris for cycles upon cycles, with Mon Calamari remaining a main target for Mandalorian forces. If the latter world were to fall, not only would the economy take yet another hit, but the Coalition would be in increasing danger of failing its mission to protect its own people and territories from harm.

It can be said that the political life of Chief Aquitenne lies squarely on the shoulders of enlisted minors. For, if the fears of the joint military governments would be realized at Mon Calamari, the most recent legislation will be deemed a failure by the masses, resulting in the enemy having an unprecedented advantage. Ultimately, this may pave the way for an even more tumultuous conflict, as the inner Galaxy finally feels the heat of the growing flames of war.

282.10 – Keth Tohll // GHN