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281.30 // Personnel Transfers

As the Galaxy continues to see eventful times it is important to take care to note the smaller changes, as well as the larger ones which are more easily noticed. Even the smallest shift in circumstance can often have a large impact, and as Jedi we should be keenly aware of this. With that in mind, we bring you a few such instances to take note of.

On this date our friend and brother, Padawan Learner Garik Kelzim, has transferred to the Jedi Temple of Coruscant in order to expand on his training in a new setting. We wish him well, and he is sure to prosper as he continues his studies.

The Alzoc III Enclave has also been gifted with a new addition in Initiate Tyren Nayrus. He comes to us from Coruscant, having survived the tragic events on Ossus. We sincerely hope that you will show him the same warmth, courtesy, care and welcoming spirit that you have shown to our other brothers and sisters who came to us seeking sanctuary and guidance.

May the force be with both of these fine young men, and with us all.

– The Jedi Council