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282.17 // Personnel transfer

It is with pleasure that we announce the return of a comrade, in the form of Ralsheend Jhurask.

While the population of the former Praxeum of Yavin-IV was located on Dac, Ralsheend was an associate and ally of the JEDI Order. He left us to take part in a special operation and returns to the order as a Jedi Knight, having trained previously on Dantooine and Bastion.

The time has come for Ralsheend to answer the calling of the force and to serve the JEDI Order once more. With this in mind it is with open arms that we welcome him as a Jedi Knight of the Alzoc-III Enclave.

For those of you who remember Ralsheend, we hope that you will help to make him feel at home with us again. For those of you who will be meeting Ralsheend for the for very first time, we encourage you to greet our brother freely and to make an effort to get to know one another.

Best wishes to our latest addition.

– The Jedi Council