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282.19 // Coalition on the Upswing?

Coalition Assault

Coalition Assault on an Ascendancy Warship

The attitude of Coalition High Command seems as elevated as ever.

If one were to gain unlimited access into the heart of the Allied Strategic Center on Coruscant, their eyes and ears would most likely perceive a buzzing optimism from the top Generals at work– at least, this is what the media has been lead to believe. With several statements like this coming from Lieutenant General Elika Beutel, we would find ourselves hard-pressed to offer any substantial counters to this convincing assurance:

Our morale on the battlefield is high… which reflects our recent string of successes in containing the Mandalorian and Chiss offensives in the Outer Rim. Finding themselves disgruntled at Mon Calamari (which itself remains strong), the Mandalorians have become dismayed and more inclined to more desperate tactics in attempting to encounter victory, serving our strategic officers well. … The Ascendancy presence in the Commonwealth is becoming more and more temporary following several successful counter-attacks, in addition to the alleviation of pressure in the former Northern Commonwealth territories. The enemy’s resources have been stretched thin– and we are taking the advantage.

If one were to avoid skepticism, this piece of news should be quite encouraging and tasteful to the senses. After all, a military upswing for the Coalition can only mean a closer upswing for the economy and going back to our normal ways of life? Unfortunately, that is probably not the case. Whether or not our military is gaining ground is perhaps irrelevant, as the economy continues to tank and millions of citizens lose their jobs by the day. Even if the war were to end today, which it will not, there would an unprecedented effort needed to reconstruct worlds, inspire confidence in a post-war economy, and re-establish lost political connections in what would be formerly-conquered worlds.

Another thought: could we expect the former territories to repatriate so easily to the Alliance and Commonwealth? Will we see many new nations spring up, taking advantage of the wearied Coalition? Would war then follow under the spear of Chief Aquitenne, who is beginning to appear more in-line with Feksk than Megana Tin? Also, would we be strong enough to subdue the current enemies of the established Galaxy and prevent a second devastation?

We must always keep a sane mind and a proper context, even when the going seemingly gets good. For now however, we must take the hope of this supposed turning of the tide and grant it the greatest support possible. It is better to face the problems of the future rather than suffering under a possible subjugation by those more cruel.

282.19 – Bak Sota // GHN