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281.03 // War Continues to Greatly Affect Socio-Economic Climates

An extensive poll conducted by Galactic HoloNews shows that on the whole for galactic citizens, the ongoing war has affected everyday life significantly, as 46% claim that the war has “affected their lives partially”, while 28% say that it has “affected their lives greatly”. These citizens, made up of peoples from both the Alliance and Commonwealth, also place the majority of blame for the slipping economic climate on the shoulders of the war, with an overwhelming majority of 77% saying it is indeed the chief cause of the recent recession.

Politically however, the two chief members of the Coalition are split in terms of their citizens’ approval. While the Commonwealth leadership under Prime Minister Selanne sits atop a commendable approval rating of 65% of polled citizens, the Galactic Senate under Chief of State Aquitenne sloshes around helplessly in the political sewers of a 22% approval rating, respectfully. Despite the significant surge of new blood into the Senate, there seems to be no tangible change to policy outside of the lifted ban on Jedi, resulting in a negligible difference when being compared to the previous Congress.

In all, stories such as the continued threat to the Corporate Sector and the disastrous invasion of Taris only fuel the fire for a deteriorating morale amongst citizens under the protection of the Coalition. With recent reports showing that the Lvcam system has likely been subject to another invasion by Ascendancy forces, it seems a turning of the tide is still in reluctant waiting for the leaders of what is supposed to be the greatest military might in the entire Galaxy.

281.03 – Keth Tohll // GHN