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281.05 // Espionage Still Important Player in War, Insiders Say

Anonymous insiders close to the Galactic Alliance have released minimal yet pertinent information to GHN regarding the prevalence of espionage in the context of war. According to reports, Alliance Intelligence agents have been sifting through the ranks and operations of the Coalition since the time of its militaristic reactivation, ranging from the domestic protection of the Core worlds to the embattled furies of the major warfronts. It has been claimed that the findings of the GAID have been “invaluable” in adding to the success of Coalition forces, apparently to the extent of influencing the loss and recapture of planets themselves.

Of course, where one side finds certain tactics to be useful for their own devises, it is likely that the other has employed the same strategy as well. Dozens of Ascendancy agents have been taken into custody since the war’s inception, though that is apparently simply the lightning rod of the skyscraper, as it has been estimated that hundreds of enemy agents are operation within territories protected by the Coalition. Even more intriguing is the heavy speculation that former GAID agents have defected to the Ascendancy or become triple agents, something that the GAID is surely keen on correcting.

While the works of undercover agents are not often reported, and for good reason, it is important to take note of the effects of their undertakings in war. As the brave men and women of the Coalition sacrifice themselves in shining armor, the shady specters of the GAID pave the way for aiding those troops and saving lives– something for which families with a member in service can truly be thankful.

281.05 – Elharr Bitim // GHN