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281.01 // Breaking News — Taris Invaded by Mandalorian Forces


The Planet of Taris

Breaking news has pushed aside new year celebrations as the Taris system has been invaded en mass by Mandalorian forces. According to reports, Coalition naval defenses in orbit around Taris have been overwhelmed by a “gargantuan” Mandalorian fleet, which has effectively paved the way for planetary invasion just as this news was received. All persons who have planned transportation to the planet are, without doubt, vehemently advised to keep themselves safe at home.

Military insiders say that the invasion is a probable sign that the Coalition naval counter-attack based on Taris has failed and, moreover, the Coalition fleet has most likely been lost due to the (reported) compared numerical superiority of the present Mandalorian forces. No official confirmation has yet been released by the Galactic Coalition Military in regard to this speculation.

That is all we have for now in regard to this terrible news. For the safety of galactic citizens, we once again stress caution for those who have planned travel to the Taris system to remain at home during this holiday celebration.

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