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281.12 // Terrorist Bombing on Naboo Disrupts Diplomatic Conference, 7 Confirmed Dead

Terrorist Bombing on Naboo

Galactic Holonews has just learned that at least six Commonwealth guards and one of their ambassadors are dead following a large explosion in the capital of Naboo in the southern Outer Rim Territories. The blast went off past 2200-GST in the evening, causing panic and disorder amidst the streets of the city. It targeted a small diplomatic meeting being held by top-level ambassadors of the Alliance and the Commonwealth at a level two security clearance.

The current mandatory curfew enforced in all Commonwealth territories is said to have had a “significant impact” on limiting the severity of the attack. Following the blast, a small group of local terrorists identified themselves and attempted to defeat the local security forces, but were subsequentially killed once surrounded. Police on Naboo are still searching for possible survivors from this terrorist faction who may have escaped. There is no word at this time on the possible identity of the perpetrators. Information released by the chief of security, however, indicates that the terrorists had an inside man who allowed the other attackers unprecedented access to the safehouse where the diplomatic conference was being held.

The status of the ambassador present for the Alliance is said to be unknown, although local aides report that he was able to escape the fiery impact of the blast by crawling out of the safehouse window into the streets.

281.12 – Elhaar Bitim // GHN