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281.14 // Fierce Battle in Senate Over Measure, Aquitenne Under Pressure

Chief of State Aquitenne Arrives on Onderon To Promote #8062297C

In response to the worsening fronts in the Outer Rim Territories against both the Chiss Ascendancy and the Mandalorian Empire, conservatives in the Senate have been pushing a new measure this cycle, #8062297C, an initiative that would lower the minimum recruitment age for the Coalition Army from age eighteen to age sixteen. It would provide for the first time this century that minors have been officially allowed to join the military in any context, and would only require the signature of a single parent or other guardian, or, to allow for further options, create an emancipation clause to allow those who cannot get permission to free themselves from custody.

The bill would only affect Alliance citizens, although similar conservative lawmakers in the Commonwealth, who split the majority with liberals, have been attempting to make similar efforts in their legislative body. The Commonwealth legislators look to reduce the age from eighteen to sixteen, as well as increase mandatory military service from one to three years for all males, both of which have similarily been opposed by the other parties.

Chief of State Caden Aquitenne, who has historically been known for pushing for children’s rights during his previous term in office, has come under fire by a barrage of child advocacy and sentient rights groups, who find his reluctant support of his party’s measure to be a betrayal of their fundamental interests and beliefs. Several of these groups already have withdrawn any possible funding from his party in what appears to be a mounting boycott against the bill.

Aquitenne went on GHN LiVE! yesterday evening to address his critics. The transcript is recorded below.

Elhaar Bitim: Good evening.
Chief Aquitenne: Good evening, it is a pleasure.
Elhaar Bitim: Let’s get straight to business. Measure #8092297C. Would you explain your current position to our audience? There has been some confusion over your exact stance on this bill.
Chief Aquitenne: Of course, I’m obliged.
Chief Aquitenne: Citizens of the Alliance, we are in a time of a dire war. Though many of you may not feel its direct effects, hearing about it only on a HoloNews broadcast or from friends, it is very real and costing millions of lives on all sides at this time. What we need at this time is to look ourselves in the eye, find the truth, and examine our character. While the threats remain for the most part, far away, they have been advancing steadily. Our brothers with whom we are allied in the Commonwealth have lost their entire northern territory and suffered further recent devastation at Lvcam. We are in difficult times.
Elhaar Bitim: Go on.
Chief Aquitenne: In the light of current efforts, I find that it is necessary that for the defensability of both of our civilizations in these modern times, we take further steps to ensure Galactic safety against these imperialistic threats. I know the concerns of, and sympathize with my opponents who address the very real costs of sentient life, and, if Measure #8092297C were to be passed, the impact on the minors of our society. But remember this, my friends. In war, we must make sacrifices.
Elhaar Bitim: Some would say you are making excuses for what is a terrible and bloody war.
Chief Aquitenne:: I am not making excuses. As the Commander in Chief, the responsibility bears itself down to me to protect both my troops and my people. My position is not one I take lightly. But while the beacon of hope shines yet brightly, a decrease in stability. If there are those youth who find an even greater calling in the defense of their friends, their family, their nation, I shall not be the one to discourage them. Therefore, let us work towards unity once again in this arduous period. And let my detractors know that I care, if for nothing else, the welfare of the Alliance, the Coalition, the Galaxy, and all its people. In this, my stance has never changed.
Elhaar Bitim: Thank you for those words, Chief. They will be ones we all bear in mind in the times to come.
Elhaar Bitim: For GHN LiVE!… good night.

Following his appearance on GHN LiVE!, Aquitenne gained the pledged support of several new Senators, but for the most part, the minority parties have remained staunchly opposed to the measure with only a few detractors. The entirety of Senate liberals have consistently vetoed any attempts to bring Measure #8062297C to an open vote. The issue remains deadlocked in the Senate, although a new round of deliberations will commence at the beginning of next cycle.

281.14 – Nheran Ghera // GHN