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281.11 // Corporate Sector Remains Quiet, Futures Gain Value Despite Investor Fears

Corporate Markets

The last year and half has seen a precipitous fall in Galactic markets, with the main indices plunging nearly fifty percent in the light of consumer uncertainties and lost confidence. But in spite of recent fears of a collapse with the Ascendancy on the doorstep, a recent rebound in the futures market has restored hope for some analysts in the previously ailing Corporate Sector. Coupled with particularly good earnings — possibly bolstered by the decrease in unemployment caused by ongoing warfare in the Outer Rim — the largest of the Galactic indices has risen three and five percent during the course of the previous two trading cycles, respectively.

An analyst at Red Mynock Financial, the fourth largest mutual fund in the Sector, confidentially released the following information to Galactic Holonews:

Perhaps the single aspect that would surprise most people is that although the calamities of warfare and fears of political change may cause a negative impact on the markets, this impact is rendered negligible by the possibility for growth in small-cap stocks. While we forsee fear continuing to play a long-term role in the health of major industries, developing sectors are likely to gain a boon from recent events. Therefore the prudent investor will remain cautiously optimistic and search for the bargains in an otherwise difficult market.

281.11 – Nel Paige // GHN